Whimsical Meaning

The word "whimsical" (or whimsy) means amusing, fun, fanciful or even playfulness. To me it just means JOY! I try to make each day joyful by filling my days with goodness.

Friday, February 23, 2024

Darling Skinny Notepad Cover/Folios

 I took some 5" x 8" Junior legal pads to a local copy store and had them cut them at the 1" mark and the 2" mark. So I have two 2" long pads and one 1" pad. I will post later what I decide to do with the 1" pads but for this, I used the 2" pads.

I made these darling cover or folios for them. I wrote up a tutorial with lots of pictures, exact measurements and detailed instructions on how to make them. You should try it out ;) It's super fun! I'm making a bunch for a craft show. You can purchase the digital tutorial HERE

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