Whimsical Meaning

The word "whimsical" (or whimsy) means amusing, fun, fanciful or even playfulness. To me it just means JOY! I try to make each day joyful by filling my days with goodness.


 Welcome to my Pixel Art page! Pixels are not high quality printables. They are lower resolution and smaller pixel graphics that are great for decorating personal websites and those in the country, whimsical pixel community know about them ;) There's games and forums and all sorts of fun stuff to use pixel art for and it's a fun, little hobby indeed.

All my regular terms of use apply here as they did at my previous website Whimsy Attic. I've included them in fact, in each of the zip files you will receive. These will be Limited Editions here. Once gone, they're gone! If you want to purchase one, please email me at tamstand85 AT gmail.com and include your name, paypal email address and your URL, if applicable. Thanks!

Bunny Boo Boo Tube Pack - $7.00
Limited to 8
3/8 Available

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